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  7. A rich harvest of results to celebrate Odin's 4th year in orbit on february 2005

    Publishing date:

    February 17, 2005

    CNES - CNRS/INSU JOINT PRESS RELEASE: The Swedish Odin science mission, in which France is participating, is operating a 250-kg satellite launched from Svobodny, Russia, on 20 February 2001 by a START-1 launcher. Initially scheduled to last two years, the Odin mission was extended in the light of its excellent scientific results (see fact sheet attached) and will be celebrating its 4th year in orbit on 20 February. The partners decided to continue funding Odin for a 5th year in October 2004.

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  14. Odin turns four

    Publishing date:

    February 21, 2005

    Launched on 20 February 2001, Sweden’s Odin minisatellite yesterday celebrated four years in orbit. The result of a partnership with France, Canada and Finland, Odin splits observation time equally between aeronomy and astronomy science. Initially scheduled to last two years, the Odin mission was extended for a further two years in 2003 on the basis of its excellent scientific results. The partners have now decided to continue funding for a 5th year.

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  15. Une moisson de résultats et un 4ème anniversaire pour Odin le 20 février 2005

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    February 17, 2005

    La mission scientifique suédoise Odin, à laquelle participe la France, utilise un satellite de 250kg, lancé depuis Svobodny, en Russie, le 20 février 2001 par un lanceur Start-1. Prévue pour deux ans, Odin a été prolongée suite à ses bons résultats scientifiques (cf. fiche jointe) et c'est un quatrième anniversaire qui sera fêté le 20 février 2005. Une cinquième année d’opération a même été décidée et financée par les différents partenaires en octobre 2004.

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